Advanced Reiki

Once you have started on the journey of Reiki you will find that it will lead you further to new insights, discoveries, techniques for body-mind healing and even to new people and places. Reiki is spreading around the world with ever increasing speed and we are getting new information on Dr Usui and his work from Japan. People in India are studying ancient Sanscrit texts and are finding formerly unknown links to Reiki. Clairvoyants are channeling new symbols and their use.

This is an exciting time and I would like to share some of this new information with you!

Karuna® Reiki

Karuna® is a Kwai YinSanscrit word which means “compassionate action”. Karuna® Reiki is the next step for Reiki Masters who desire increased healing energies. This energy is often experienced as being more powerful than Usui Reiki. Karuna® uses an additional four symbols on each of its three levels. Karuna® Reiki opens you to work more closely with enlightened beings. It helps your shadow self and deep-rooted karmic issues.


Reiki II or above for Karuna® Reiki practitioner I & II
Reiki Master for Karuna® Reiki Masters
Each level is a one day course.

Reiki Roots (Shoden)

A number of Reiki practitioners have gone to Japan in the last few years and tried to find out about the Japanese Usui lineage and their practices. Despite Reiki being a secret and sacred discipline, more and more information is coming to light, including Reiki meditation techniques, the original Usui and Hyashi manuals, various treatment techniques and empowerments. This is the Japanese level one course.

Our course will contain:

  • The Reiki history re-writtenreiki_mikao_Usui_3
  • The Japanese Reiki lineage
  • Hatsurei-Ho – Reiki meditations
  • Sending Reiki with breath and eyes
  • Advanced scanning techniques
  • Reiju empowerments


NONE – One day training