The Reiki School Spring Newsletter

Dear Reiki Family,

Gazing out of the window it does not feel as I should be writing a Spring letter as we are surrounded by snow and ice but Spring officially commences on March 20th and we are looking forward to longer days, daffodils and warmer days ahead.

The horrible weather meant that I had to cancel our sold-out ANIMAL REIKI COURSE last weekend—this has now been moved to Sunday 20th May. As it is so very popular I put on two more dates which are Saturday 23rd June and Sunday, 29th July.

I will be away working on the second leg of a world cruise for 5 weeks and back on 24th April, so it is quiet over Easter, however we have a full programme as soon as I return.

Animal Reiki Healing Horses
REIKI II will be held on Sunday, 29th April. This wonderful course focusing on the mental/emotional side of our being will enable you to send Reiki across time and space. You will learn how to protect yourself from negative energy and people and create the happy, healthy and successful life you desire. Another one is scheduled for 1st July.

On 13th May we offer another REIKI I course. We have been blessed with the fact that Elizabeth House, our venue, has had a complete refurbishment and we now have a very beautiful and comfortable environment for our course work. Another one Level I course will be held on 8th July.

From 27th May to 3rd June I will teach another REIKI MASTERS course in JAPAN. Following our unforgettable first visit to Kyoto we have very quickly filled all the spaces for this course. We have a full programme of study and visiting many places, walking in Dr. Usui’s footsteps. This time we will experience a Zen meditation class taught by famous Rev. Takafumi Kawakami, learn calligraphy in order to write our symbols correctly and visit a Geisha performance as well as of course hike up Mount Kurama to the exact place where Dr. Usui received Reiki.

Reiki School Japan Masters

We will run this amazing course in Japan for the last time again from 21st to 28th October. We have already filled half the course so please do book asap if you want to be one of the very few people on the planet who has received their Reiki Mastership in Kyoto!

Closer to home we have a MASTERS course in the sacred stone circle of Avebury on 21/22nd July. Once again this will be the last time I am running the course at this venue as I intend to relocate permanently to Spain next year. Avebury is a magical place where each year several crop circles appear. It is said to be the heart chakra of England, holding a high energy frequency and we have had many wonderful and moving Master classes there in the past. There is limited accommodation the village, so please book asap.

If you would like to understand how Reiki actually works on the energy system you should consider our CHAKRA course on 16th June! You will learn in detail the function of each chakra, how to ensure an even flow of energy, remove blockages and various methods to create balance in your energy field. We will meditate, do some simple yoga exercises, paint, chant, move, laugh and have a brilliant day of exploration. No previous knowledge is required!


Finally, on 7th July I will offer a COMMUNICATION SKILLS training. This is aimed at anybody who would like to improve their communication skills, help their clients/children/friends to find their answers to problems within themselves and learn to read people better – including a fool-proof way to tell if you are lied to!

I will also offer the PRACTICE MANAGEMENT course a bit later in the year for those who are hoping to make Reiki their main source of income. Over the years I have trained many successful students that are now running retreat centres, their own Reiki practices or working in the NHS. I myself have worked as a healer and Reiki teacher for over 20 years and have, apart from receiving the blessing of being able to spend a lot of time doing spiritual work, been able to build a successful business.

I am planning to sell this business next year and ideally would like to pass it on to someone who I have trained myself and who feels passionately about Reiki and who will want to continue to spread the Light. If you are interested I would love to talk to you and hopefully mentor you for a while.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me at I will be at sea for the next month, so please don’t worry if I don’t reply instantly, WiFi is not always available onboard but I am trying to answer my mail in each port. You can book any classes via the website.

I am looking forward to visiting many sacred sites on my cruise—the 2,500 years old Shwedagon Pagoda in Burma which is said to enshrine strands of Buddha’s hair, the mysterious pyramids in Egypt, the breath-taking Khazneh in Petra and the Temple of Zeus in Athens —what a wonderful world we live in! Enjoy it every day and:

“Shine like the universe is yours.” —Rumi


Namaste and much Love and Light,

Your Sensei,

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