Dear Reiki Family,

The year 2017 has been the year for me when one of my big spiritual dreams has come true – to travel to the birthplace of Reiki and walk in Dr. Usui’s footsteps. Not only was I able to hike up Mount Kurama where Dr. Usui received Reiki but I could do it with an international group of dedicated Reiki students that received their Master Training from me in Japan. Click here to read our published report of the trip.

It was such an amazing experience that I have decided to run the course again in the Spring next year and this has already been booked up completely with so many more enquiries that we will do it once again in the Autumn of 2018, from 21st to 28th October. I have already got a booking form Saudi Arabia for this date and would encourage anybody who would like to be part of this wonderful and unique Reiki Masters course to book their place asap. If you want to find out more, visit our dedicated website.

Reiki School Japan Masters

Nearer to home our AVEBURY MASTERS course will run once again on 21st/22nd July. Avebury is a truly magical place, one of the greatest marvels of prehistoric Britain. Originally erected 4500 years ago, Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world and an ancient worship site. It is said to be the heart chakra of England as many ley lines cross there and form an energy vortex that causes crop circles to appear. We perform the Masters attunement at sunset in one of those crop circles and study within the stone ring during the day. Please book early as accommodation in Avebury is very scarce and I need to reserve the rooms asap.

We also ran a really beautiful Reiki retreat in Spain this year. We looked at the original Japanese Reiki techniques and how we spend our material and spiritual energy in our daily lives. Aiming for a clear, harmonious existence we examined the obstacles and how to remove them from our lives, so we can be happy and become the best version of ourselves.

This brings me to a couple of Reiki Awards for people who stood out in 2017. Dolly Bdeserves the Kindness Award for her dedicated and tireless charity work with ‘Living in Harmony’. Anne L M deserves the award for Most Dedicated Student, having completed seven of our courses and three retreats. She is well into her Master-Teacher apprenticeship and will receive her Master-Teacher certificate in Avebury next year. There are many others working in hospices, animal charities and in distant healing networks.

I am always amazed that Reiki continues to be so popular and so many people from different cultures, countries and faiths come together for the purpose of healing. I feeltruly blessed that Reiki has been my guide and companion for 20 years now and I can pass it on so that the Light can spread in these dark times.

The next three months has got a few courses on offer—we start the New Year with REIKI Ion 14th January which will be followed by REIKI II on 4th February. For anybody that has not yet taken Reiki II I would like to point out that it is truly giving you the tools to protect yourself form negative people and influences, create your positive future and enhance your healing power through the use of three powerful symbols. It will definitely help you to see through your New Year’s resolutions.

On 24th/25th February my favourite course—KARUNA REIKI I & II is taking place once again. You will learn how to recognise and follow spiritual guidance in your life, meet you guarding angel and guides and receive eight easy powerful symbols to address specific problems such as cellular healing, inner peace and confidence to name just a few. I will only take four students onto this intensive course so please book asap.

On Saturday, 3rd March there will be another ANIMAL REIKI course. These are very popular with lots of opportunities of work in veterinary surgeries, rescue centres and training schools and grooming businesses.

REIKI I will run again on 11th March and then I am off on a 5 week cruise, so there will be no courses for the rest of March or April. I will post dates for May a bit later.

As the New Year is always a time for reflection and planning I hope that you can look back on many achievements and happy days in 2017 and look forward to new adventures, insights and joy in 2018.

Much blessings and best wishes for a Happy and Blissful 2018

Your Sensei,

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