Dear Reiki Family,

The year 2018 has been the most exciting and successful year to date!

We have run a Reiki Masters course in Japan twice, taking 16 people on a wonderful pilgrimage to Dr. Usui’s birthplace in Kyoto where we had the chance to meditate on top of Mount Kurama, visit a Zen monastery and learn calligraphy and immerse ourselves in the original culture that has given us Reiki.

We even had a nurse and a doctor on the course and participants will now take Reiki back into four continents and many faraway countries including the Philippines, India and Saudi Arabia. It gives me great joy to think that the Light is spreading all across the globe!

You can also be part of this wonderful course as we run it again during the cherry blossom season from 18th to 25th April 2019! You can get more information on our dedicated website It is already half full, so please book asap!

The wonderful summer weather this year meant that we could run our Reiki IReiki II and Animal Reiki courses in my garden which was such a pleasure!  Sitting in the sunshine with the kites circling over, the birds singing in the trees, the squirrels playing in the bushes and the cats snoozing on the bench really got us close to the earthly Chi and everybody left blissed out 😊

In July I took a group of six Master students to the sacred site of Avebury. We were again blessed with wonderful weather and could work outside amongst the megalithic stones and feel the tremendous energy of the site that has been used for many centuries for the purpose of worship and ritual.

Sadly, it was during this time that I started to feel unwell and was consequently diagnosed with an auto-immune illness.  This was the result of overworking, running three demanding jobs as a hypnotherapist, Reiki teacher and choir mistress simultaneously for many years. So I had to take a big step back and examine my life. I am sure you all have heard me say many times how important self-care is and that you must make time for yourself and recharge.

Therefore, I have decided to bring in Jacqueline, one of my Japan Master students for help and assistance on some of my courses. She is doing her Master/Teacher apprenticeship.

Looking forward to the Spring of 2019 we will start the year as ever with a Reiki I course on 6th January. This would surely make a lovely and meaningful Christmas present for a loved one. Another date is on 3rd March. Reiki II follows on 27th January or 30th March.

Our wonderful and highly transformational Karuna Reiki course is being offered on 9/10 February. Our most spiritual course will help you to connect with your angels and guides and understand how to find guidance to recognise your life’s purpose.

If you want to gain a deep insight into your body’s energy system, learn how to discover and eliminate blockages and have a great creative day then come to our Chakra courseon Saturday, 23rd February! We will paint, meditate, do some simple yoga and chant to explore a variety of methods to find our way back to emotional and physical health.

The ever-popular Animal Reiki course takes place on 12th May. I have got a very sweet little miniature dachshund puppy we can practice on in the morning alongside my two cats. In the afternoon we will be at a wonderful yard with many horses and a few sheep, so it should be a great practical workshop geared to help our friends in the Animal Kingdom.

The highlight of the Spring will surely be our Reiki Master course in Japan from 18th to 25th April. This will be during the Sakura or cherry blossom season and should you come to this authentic Reiki Master experience you will be one of the very few people worldwide that has obtained their Mastership in Dr. Usui’s homeland. Please get in touch asap as we were very overbooked last time!

The Avebury Masters course that will take place from 20th to 21st July is also starting to get bookings so please express your interest as accommodation in Avebury is extremely scarce and many people come to see the crop circles each summer!

There are detailed course descriptions on our website and I always also post them as events on our Facebook page and group. I would be very grateful if you could ‘like’ our page and group if you DO like us 😊

I hope that you will all have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas time. You can find a few good tips for a Reiki-filled Christmas on our blog.

Wishing you Harmony, Joy, Love, Light and Abundance for the festive season and beyond.

Snow falling
Flake by flake
Each flake falling
In its own proper place

Your Sensei,

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