Reiki School Summer Newsletter

Dear Reiki Family,

I have just returned from our second Reiki Masters training course in Dr. Usui’s hometown, Kyoto in Japan.

We had another group of seven students who were able to not only learn how to be a competent and knowledgeable Reiki Master but to walk in Dr. Usui’s footsteps.

The highlight was again a daytrip to Mount Kurama where we meditated on the spot where Dr. Usui received Reiki. A lesson in meditation from a famous Zen monk Takafumi Kawakami at Shunkoin temple, a calligraphy class, a cultural performance and visits to Onsen baths all helped to understand more about Japanese culture, rituals and the way of life that lies on the base of the Reiki tradition.

We have one more date for this once-in-a-lifetime event which is 21st to 28th October 2018 when the colourful autumn foliage appears. We already have participants from India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK and have just got ONE place left. If you would like to be part of this unforgettable course, please get in touch asap!

Please visit for more info.

Reiki Japan 2018

Reiki is in much demand and all our courses attract many students, increasingly from further and further away. On our sold out Animal Reiki course this Saturday, 23rd June we even have a person from Luxembourg 🙂

A place has become available on Reiki II on Sunday, 1st July. This practical and profound training will focus on the mental/emotional level of your being. You will be given three powerful symbols which will enable you to send Reiki into the distance, the future and the past. They can protect you from negative people and influences and help you create the happy, healthy and successful life you desire and deserve. You will also be able to charge for treatments after completing this level of Reiki training.

On Saturday, 7th July there will be a Counselling Skills course. Based on effective NLP techniques you will learn how to create deep rapport with your clients and give you techniques to help them unlock their own answers to their problems. Apart from being an effective tool for a therapist this workshop can also help you in your personal life to enhance your communication skills and influence.

Reiki I is on offer again on Sunday, 8th July – please tell your family and friends about this wonderful healing power!

Our Avebury Master’s course on the 21st/22nd July has got one more space left. We will study amongst the sacred old stone circle, build 2000 years ago, receive our attunement in a crop circle – maybe even this one, and sit under the magic tree at sunset.

Avebury Masters Course Reiki School

On 18th August we offer our Animal Reiki course once more. Animal Reiki is quite different from human Reiki because the animals cannot tell us what is wrong with them and we need to develop other methods of identifying and rectifying their ailments. This lovely day consists of working with domestic animals in the morning, learning some animal communication skills and visiting stables in the afternoon where horses, sheep and other farm animals are available to practice on.

All our courses can be booked directly via our website’s booking form. Our Facebook page and group always has more detailed course information.

I found this little gem in one of the oracles you can buy in the temples in Japan:
‘On the branches of pine trees there have been several frosts over and over again, but they are always green and beautiful’.

So I hope that you also can remain whole despite life’s ups and downs. Enjoy the lovely Summer!

Namaste and much Love and Light,

Your Sensei,

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