Dear Reiki Family,

We have just returned from a totally enchanting and blissful Reiki & Yoga retreat in Spain entitled ‘Healing Haikus and Happiness’. We were looking at what we love and value and what we chose to spend our time and energy on in everyday life and how we could bring those two often not congruent things more into alignment.

Using Japanese Haiku writing, Hamsa Hand drawings and original Japanese Reiki techniques we really enjoyed this time of reflection, creativity and support to restore our minds whilst our bodies were spoiled with gentle yoga, delicious food, healing sessions and time spent in the pool and jacuzzi.

Now we are looking forward to an exciting summer and autumn at The Reiki School, full to the brim with opportunities to advance on your spiritual path and some amazing holistic retreats!

Our last ANIMAL REIKI course this year will be on Sunday, 20th August, where you can learn how to use Reiki specifically for our four legged friends. A wonderful additional skill for anybody working with animals or any pet owner wanting to gain a deeper understanding of their animal’s energy system and non-verbal communication.

Our yearly REIKI MASTERS TRAINING in Avebury will take place on 22/23rd July. For more than 10 years we have visited this special power spot in order to feel the amazing energy in this mystical ancient worship site and empower the Master training.

You will work amongst the Neolithic stone circle and receive your attunement in a crop circle at sunset. Since Reiki has now become a recognised profession within the NHS the Masters level is the entry requirement for anybody who wants to earn their living as a Reiki healer. I can still accommodate two people, so please book asap!

On July 30th, we have another REIKI I course for those starting on their spiritual journey. The last group had some great results with a skin condition improving dramatically, a big weight loss and lifting of depression amongst the eight participants.

The first weekend in August, (5/6th) will be given over to a wonderful two-day class. KARUNA REIKI focuses on guidance and how we can recognise and follow it in our lives. You will meet your angels and guides and receive eight new easy symbols that have a very strong focus on specific conditions such as inner peace, cellular healing, confidence just to name a few. Understanding your shadow self will help you to let go of limiting beliefs and to find the path to your real life’s purpose. Pre-requisite is Reiki II and this is also a step forward for any Reiki Masters. The maximum number for this deeply spiritual training is four, so please book asap!

On Saturday, 12th August our popular CHAKRA course will run once more. A real fun, practical, multisensory day will show you how to identify and clear any energy blockages through various medias, from meditation, art, simple yoga stretches, and of course Reiki. Clearing your energy flow will lift you to a higher vibration to attract abundance into all areas of your life.

REIKI II, which focuses on the mental/emotional aspects of our being is scheduled for Saturday, 19th August. You will receive three powerful symbols that will enable you to send Reiki across time and space and protect you from negative people. Sending Reiki into the future will help you manifest the things and solutions you want in your life. Sending Reiki into the past can help heal old hurt and upset. This level is the minimum standard for being able to charge for treatments and get insurance.

Last but not least I can offer you the trip of a lifetime as I am running a REIKI MASTERS course in Dr. Usui’s homeland, JAPAN this September.

We will spend a week in Kyoto, walking in Dr. Usui’s footsteps, hiking up Mount Kurama for the Masters attunement and meeting Reiki practitioner from all around the world. So far, we have participants from Australia, the Philippines, Japan and America. We have just launched a dedicated website today, it is Please take a look at this amazing trip which will not be repeated.

I have just got flights for £550.00 via Skyscanner and you could extend your stay to see a bit more of Japan as well. There are just 8 places available, half have gone, so please do come along if you are passionate about Reiki!

I am feeling really blessed that Reiki has taken me to so many beautiful places and has helped so many people improve their lives. I am thinking of retiring next year and to move to Spain, so please don’t put off doing those classes you are attracted to doing for too much longer as they and I might not be around anymore!

Enjoy the beautiful summer, here is a little summer Haiku:

Dare to love yourself
As if you were a rainbow
With gold on both ends

Many Blessings,
Your Sensei,

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