Distance or In-Person Healing

Distance healing from Reiki Master Teachers
Each distance (remote) session is sent by either Vicky or Jacq (The Reiki School Master Teachers)
In distance Reiki, the practitioner can perform the therapy remotely, without being in the same physical location as the recipient.Reiki can be performed over any distance, and that the practitioner can use their intention to direct energy to the recipient, regardless of their physical location. The recipient may be asked to lie down in a relaxed position and focus on their breath, while the practitioner begins the therapy. Reiki will still be received even if the recipient is going about their daily activities.The practitioner may visualize a connection between themselves and the recipient, and may use specific hand positions, symbols, and mantras to enhance the flow of energy. Distance Healing is just as effective as an in-person healing

60 minutes of healing with be sent to you on a one to one basis which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home

Please contact us to arrange a time suitable for you if there are no dates under here

You will be contacted via text, email or phone just before the healing and again once the healing has been sent.

£45 for a 60 minute Distance healing

In-person Healing – £55 for a 45 minute healing (Maidenhatch, RG8-8HP)

Or maybe take a Reiki I Course and learn Reiki so that you can give healing to yourself, family and friends!



If you would like to book a Distance Healing session and there are no dates in the diary please contact us to arrange a suitable day/time. Please mention that you would like a 60 minute healing.