7 Ways to Use Reiki for a Restorative Christmas

By Jacqueline Raison

Christmas should be a time of joy, excitement and love.  All too often it ends up being a time of anxiety, stress and strained relationships.  Put your Reiki skills to good use this Christmas to ensure you and your loved ones have an amazing, relaxing, restorative holiday.


  1. Reiki Your Day

Make time for a self-treatment each morning before you get out of bed. You might find our Morning Meditation a useful tool. As you go through the hand positions, imagine your day going wonderfully well – a productive morning, a sociable lunch, a fun afternoon, a relaxing evening with your loved ones.  Whatever “good” looks like for you.  Fill the daydream with colour, fragrance, sounds and flavours to bring it to life.  If you are Reiki II trained, you can send the distance symbol ahead of you into the day.  Then get out of bed and go live your most wonderful day.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

End your day with a peaceful meditation whilst carrying out another self-treatment, such as our Evening Meditation. Show gratitude for the amazing things that happened to you during the day – even if they were few and far between!  You will probably fall asleep whilst doing the self-treatment, but if not place one hand on your third eye and one on your solar plexus and allow yourself to drift off.

  1. Fill your Home with Reiki

As you fill your home with decorations take time to fill it with Reiki too!  Reiki your decorations, your rooms, your beds….use the power symbol if you have Reiki II.   Reiki the doorway so that everyone that comes in is showered in Reiki loving energy.

  1. Reiki your Relationships

If you know you are going to have to spend time with someone with whom you have a difficult relationship try this exercise before you see them.  Imagine yourself surrounded by a bubble of golden Reiki energy.  Imagine another bubble of Reiki energy touching against yours, and in your mind put that person into the other bubble.  Safe and sound inside your bubble start to have a conversation with the person – tell them what you need them to hear, ask them questions, whatever you need to get off your chest.  When you have said all that you need to say, imagine picking up a pair of scissors and cutting through where your 2 circles join, cutting any energy links between you and at the same time forgiving the person for any wrong they have done you.  Watch their bubble floating away into the distance, both of you being at peace.  Next time you see this person you will find your issues much easier to deal with.

  1. Reiki your Food and Drink

Christmas is a time for indulgence for most of us.  Use Reiki to increase the nutritional content of your food and drink.  Hold you hands over your food or around your glass and turn Reiki on.  Set the intention that your body will take only the nutrients that it needs from this food and nothing else.  You can also do this with your family’s food, adding Reiki as your secret ingredient whilst you cook!

  1. Reiki your Plants

If you have a real Christmas tree or a potted Poinsettia or Holly as part of your décor give them Reiki to prolong their life.  You can either place your hands around your watering can to add Reiki to the water or place your hands around the plant pot or container and Reiki the roots or trunk.  For the tree, imagine the tree trunk easily drawing up the water it is standing in, and sending that water along the branches to every little pine needle, keeping the needle green and healthy… and attached!

  1. Give the Gift of Reiki

Consider giving the gift of a Reiki treatment – one you give yourself if you are qualified, or with a local practitioner. We have gift vouchers available in our shop.  Alternatively, give a gift with a Reiki connection, such as a crystal. Crystals are available in all shapes, sizes and colours, from jewellery through heart shape palm stones to agate bookends.   Before you wrap the gift, you can infuse it with Reiki by holding it in your hands and turning Reiki on.

I hope I have sparked your imagination with these ideas.  Please do let me know on the Facebook page how these techniques work for you.  Most of all, have a wonderful Christmas, filled with joy, love… and Reiki.