Create a Powerful Reiki Altar

What is a Reiki Altar, and Why do you Need One?

A Reiki altar is a simply a space dedicated to Reiki.  Having a Reiki altar will help you to raise your vibrations higher and more quickly, keeps all your Reiki tools together, and enables Reiki to keep working on your Reiki projects when real life gets in the way and you are not!

My Reiki Altar
You can create your Reiki altar almost anywhere – inside or out, in a cupboard or drawer, on a bookcase or a table.  It is best to put your Reiki altar where you do most of your Reiki, as using your Reiki altar when you practice Reiki will enhance the energy.

Living in Japan, where space is a premium, I don’t have a dedicated room for my Reiki practice.  That is to say, I almost always practice Reiki in this space, but the space is also used for other things.  So my Reiki Altar is in a cupboard, and I can shut the door when I want to keep it private.

There is no right or wrong as to what you put on your Reiki Altar.  My items tend to fall into two categories – things that are permanently on my Reiki Altar, and things that are there temporarily while I am working with them.

Permanent Items

My photograph of Sensei Usui is always on my Altar.  I also have a small singing bowl that I use each day for a few moments to cleanse and clear all the items on my Altar.

I also have items that represent the Elements:- the earthenware dish, made of baked clay, represents the Earth (as do the various crystals – more on those later), it also contains Water, Fire is represented by the candle (I don’t actually light the candle, as I said my altar is in a Healing Bearcupboard!!), and the smoke from the candle flame represents Air.  You could add a feather for the same purpose.  Ether is represented by the space in the cupboard!

My healing bear (used for sending distance healings) lives on the Altar too – you can see it here and peaking around the corner in the main photo!



Temporary ItemsMangano calcite

Crystals :- I always have a number of crystals on my Altar.  Some are there working – for Nexample, sending continuous healing to my Clients, energising my manifestations, or cleansing other items on the Altar.  Some are there being cleansed themselves.  Some are there being charged for use in a future healing.  Mangano calcite is the most frequent visitor to my Altar as it is the Reiki crystal.

Healing tools :- you can see here a wooden wand that is a treasured gift to me from a student from one of my Reiki retreats in Japan.  As I said above, some of the crystals on my Altar are to be used in healing too.

Oracle Cards :- many people keep their Oracle or Tarot cards on their Altar.  I don’t have space for mine, but you can see on the picture above that I have the card I have drawn that day on the Altar.  I put it here after I have chosen it and meditated on it,

Work in Progress :- the largest part of my Altar is taken up with whatever I am working on at that time.  Here you can see the diorama that I am using to manifest my next Reiki retreats. (If you’d like to know more about how I am doing this you can read my blog “Manifesting your trip to Japan”).  There would also usually be details, and maybe a photo, of Clients I am currently working with, and other healing requests.

Creating the Altar, is really fun!  Once you have chosen your space, clean it physically but also energetically, perhaps by smudging.  Then simply add your items.

When your Altar is to your liking, beam Reiki over it for a few minutes.

You might like to recite a blessing while you send Reiki.  Here is a blessing. You can use:-

Reiki blessings pour into this space.  

Help me to always use this Altar with  love;

with a warm heart and a still mind,

so that Love and Light

come to all things.


Your Reiki Altar is now ready to support you in your Reiki practice.