Fiona Rankin

falls into the archetype of a teacher–she has taught for most of her adult life, both at a secondary and further education level, and loves her students very much. For Fiona, teaching is like having an extra set of lungs.

Her spiritual journey began on a long run one day, when she discovered an intense connection to the local landscape. This led to a series of other awakenings and, while it was overwhelming at first, the curiosity and enjoyment of that deep connection to plants and the environment was too much to ignore. The journey was one of incredible spiritual exploration as she worked on channeling the energies she discovered into her own life.

Keen to bring structure to her awareness, she completed the Medicine Wheel in 2020 and
Reiki I & II with The Reiki School in 2021. She will be doing her Reiki Master Teacher Training in March 2022.

Both the Medicine Wheel and Reiki have broadened her understanding of plant consciousness, an ability she had already been working on, and deepened her experience of the non-human world.  Her goal is to enable others to connect to plant consciousness, therefore experiencing joy, reverence, and ecstasy in an entirely new way.  

‘Wellbeing through energy consciousness’ is her tagline and motto, and the ultimate intention she has set out. For Fiona, every part of her teaching method strives towards this, and teaching Reiki is her primary calling.