Psychic Development

Psychic Development Group

The Psychic Development Group is held on the last Thursday of the month.
This group is open to all who wish to develop their awareness, to facilitate a closer connection with the guides that work with each of us in the world of light.
Each group session lasts approximately for an hour and a half, and is run by Rob Honey who
has been a natural spiritual medium all his life. Rob is a Reiki Master Teacher working closely with Jacqueline and the Reiki School running virtual Reiki Shares and the psychic development group.
The group is run virtually via Zoom, consisting of a regular format of setting a sacred space for the evenings proceedings, a guided meditation, different awareness skills, and an open forum for participants to freely ask questions, that they may feel, they need to ask for additional guidance throughout the session. The awareness skills practiced will encourage participates to refine their communication link between the earth plain and their guides in the higher vibrations of existence.”
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