Our Holistic Spiritual Retreats

General Information

The Reiki School is teaming up with amazing yoga and art teachers to offer unique spiritual holistic holidays to locations around the globe that are charged with powerful universal energy.

Combining yogaYoga on boat classes in the morning and evening, meditation, Reiki training and excursions to amazing world renowned sights, the holidays will cater for beginners and more practiced students.

Our vacations will enable you to let go and step into the present bringing you into the state of awareness, surrounded by immense natural beauty. The holidays can be attended by friends, family or just be something you wish to experience on your own.

Whatever you decide you are sure to have the time of your life.

Past Holidays

Twelve students came to our first joint venture on a trip to Kerala in India in November 2009; please see photos in the gallery. Participants completed the Reiki Roots course, receiving their attunement on a houseboat on the backwaters at sunset. Yoga sessions were held twice daily by the lake or on a roof terrace overlooking the sea. We saw stunning temples and observed and celebrated Diwali festivities, enjoyed nature, the wonderful food and new friends!DSCN7479

In 2014 we went to Cortijo Las Salinas in Spain to run our first Asana Yoga Reiki training course teaching students powerful methods to increase their energy flow .

We returned to Spain in April 2016 and held another  transformational  ‘Asana Reiki Yoga’ course attended by ten students.

In May/June 2017 we  visited the same location, this time our ‘Healing, Haikus and Happiness’ retreat was based on  the original Japanese level one Reiki training, combined with Yoga and creative sessions.

The highlight of our retreats is the Reiki training in Kyoto, Japan. We have completed four of these courses since 2018.

‘Please visit our gallery to see more photos from these journeys.


A wonderful spiritual experience, exceeded my expectations!”

” Superb. I learned a lot about myself. I made new friends & found kindred spirits. I loved seeing change in everyone”

“An opportunity to reflect on where you are as a person and in life with some wonderful practical and spiritual tools to help along the way.”

“Wonderful meditations. I loved the art and sound circle.”

“I would recommend this to any friends thinking about Reiki.”