Insider secrets about Aging Younger using the Universal Force called Reiki

I finished a Reiki 1 course in the most idyllic setting, an English farmhouse in the country hours outside of London. What brought me here to take this course was an invitation from my girlfriend and I believe, Spirits knowing that I was ready for this next adventure.

A few months earlier this girlfriend offered me an opportunity to visit and stay with her for a couple of months and explore new ideas for my life and one of these was a course called Reiki. I’d been thinking of new ways to share my passion for aging beautifully with women around the world and as Spirit would have it the Reiki instructor contacted me asking if I’d collaborate with her on the idea that using the power of Reiki can infuse an energy that can make our skin care and practices more efficient and assist us in looking younger and feeling better! I immediately jumped on the idea and began to use my Reiki power every time I washed my face and applied my skin care products. Within a week I saw a difference in my skin. Was it just my hopeful imagination or was it real? Was I aging backwards with that intention while applying my products? All I know is I intentionally applied this energy to look younger, and it was working!

Interview with Reiki Master Teacher Jacqueline Raison

Jacqueline is a Master in Usui Western style Reiki as well as Karuna and  Japanese Reiki, and is the owner of

The purpose of this Q & A is to investigate the ways Reiki can enhance the way you see your Beauty and Yourself.

Q.  How does Reiki work and can anybody use this energy to age younger, feel better and any other condition?

A.  Reiki is a method of channelling healing, nurturing, spiritual life-force energy. In the recipient, the Reiki energy acts on the immune system to support and boost the body’s own healing powers. Reiki also brings sublime relaxation, which creates the perfect circumstances for healing. Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, and can therefore be used for all disease and used to create the best version of ones-self.

All that is needed to channel Reiki is to attend a Reiki I class and be attuned to the Reiki energy. Once this is done, Reiki can be used for self-healing


Q.  You’ve mentioned Reiki can help heal, would that work on skin conditions too? And can it heal internal conditions as well?

A.  As Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, it will work on skin conditions regardless of the cause of the condition. I have used Reiki to heal psoriasis, eczema and rosaceae.


Q.  How specifically would you use Reiki to help with the neck and chin area, since these areas of the face are usually affected by aging first.

A.  The throat chakra is our communication centre. In order to be able to communicate properly one must have an open mind and be able to see another’s point of view. If we are too stubborn in our own point of view this will cause the throat chakra to operate sub-optimally, which in turn may cause stiff neck and shoulders, sore throat or tonsillitis or may show itself as premature ageing the throat and neck area.

The throat chakra is also the centre of creativity, and its proper operation can equally be prohibited by a life that lacks creativity or is martyred to others.

Supporting the throat chakra with frequent Reiki treatments to this area, wearing light blue tops or scarfs, carrying or wearing blue crystals such as blue lace agate, turquoise, aquamarine or celestite, especially as a choker or short necklace can all help.


Q.  Can Reiki help smooth wrinkles and fine lines and generally give a more youthful appearance?

A.  Wrinkles are caused by the loss of subcutaneous fat under the surface of the skin. Supplements such as Vitamins A and E and cod liver oil may restore the loss of subcutaneous fat. Buckwheat, which contains rutin, can support the blood vessels near the skin’s surface, helping to nourish the skin and remove toxins.

Supplements and skin creams can all be boosted with Reiki. Simply hold the cream or supplements between your hands and allow Reiki to flow.


Q.  Since stress plays such a big part in aging how would you recommend using Reiki in your daily life? 

A.  Reiki is naturally calming and relaxing. Try to set aside 15 to 20 minutes each day for mindful self-treatment. You can use Reiki to enhance any self-care activity that you find relaxing, calming and soothing. For example, before you get into a warm bath, Reiki the water since water is sensitive to Reiki Energy. This will enhance the soothing effect of your bath. Reiki a space to meditate in by turning on your Reiki energy and focusing on the space. Do this while you apply a facial mask, body creams etc. You can Reiki the products themselves during the application of your skin care. Even try Reiki-ing your mouth before you engage in a kiss with your beloved. Any and all soothing activities will become more beneficial with the healing energy of Reiki. Self-care is a cornerstone of aging well.


“ I love and accept myself at every age. Each moment in life is perfect’

 Louise Hay


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