Masters at Avebury

REIKI MASTER / TEACHER in Avebury, England

We have been holding yearly Master/Teacher courses in the ancient stone circle of Avebury since 1999.
The stone circle, which dates from 2800 BC , is designated a World Heritage Site and was used as a religious site for over a thousand years .

This is truly a magical place and a power spot which holds a special energy. Some people claim it is the Earth’s heart Chakra! Every year crop circles appear in the area and we are often very lucky to be able to do the attunements in such a circle.

Please look at the course description page for details of the course content.

We will visit Avebury again on 18/19th July 2020. The cost is £550 for the Master Teacher training. Please note that you will need pay for one nights accommodation in addition.  I can help you  arrange shared accommodation.

The maximum number for this training is eight, so please book soon to avoid disappointment.