Happy New Year!
Winter Newsletter
I am not really a winter person.  I prefer the long, balmy days of summer.  But I am learning to appreciate how the different seasons allow us to operate at a different pace, and to change our focus. I especially love the cold, clear nights for moon and star-gazing.

Nevertheless I am very grateful that the onset of winter was delayed for me by our lovely retreat in Japan…

Kyoto 2019
With the Masters and Reiki I & II courses running simultaneously we were a group of 15 people from 3 countries for this memorable trip.  Firm friendships were forged whilst we learned new skills, saw and experienced new things and grew our Reiki skills.

If you would like to join me this year I will be taking both Masters and Reiki I/II groups again in Spring and Autumn.  You can find details here on the dedicated website.

Reiki Share
Weekend Share being added
Practice your Reiki
The monthly 4th Thursday Reiki Shares will continue through 2020.  However, as several people have asked for a weekend Share the February share is going to move to the following Saturday – what better way to use the bonus of an extra day, Saturday 29th February!
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Is Your Reiki a bit Rusty?
You are very welcome to re-take any Reiki course at a 50% discount (or free of charge if you took it with The Reiki School).  But I know it is hard to free up 2 days to cover both Reiki I and Reiki II.  So on 24th January I will be holding a Reiki Refresher day designed to refresh your knowldege of Reiki I and II and to get you using your Reiki with confidence again.  Click here for details and to book a place.
Ready for your Reiki Masters?
If taking your Masters in Japan is not an option for you I have two UK-based courses for you to choose from.
February/March TBD
St. Kathrine’s, Henley
We will stay at this lovely retreat centre just outside Henley.

Class will take place in the library, and we can wander the grounds in breaks.

18th /19th July
Once again the Stones will form the backdrop for our Summer Masters course.

Much of this course will take place outside around the Stones (weather permitting).

More Details
Regular Classes
I am continuing to schedule monthly weekend and weekday REIKI I classes (31 January and 22nd February) and 6 – 8 weekly dates for REIKI II (14th March).  There will be no Animal Reiki courses until it warms up a bit, but I am holding another Chakra Course on 8th February and have 1 space left.

I have just had the Diary page of the website updated (screen print below), which hopefully makes it clearer to see course dates and availability.  Click here to visit.

I look forward to working with you on your Reiki journey in 2020.

Have a wonderful day.

Reiki Blessings


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