Reiki Self-Healing

Regular Reiki treatments will strengthen your immune system, relieve anxiety and stress, aid mindfulness and enable your body to heal itself.  The more treatments you have, the more powerful the Reiki will be.  And if you have been attuned to Reiki, then you can carry out Reiki Self-Treatments from Day 1. How to Carry Out Continue reading »


Me Learning to write the Reiki symbols.

7 Ways to Use Reiki for a Restorative Christmas

By Jacqueline Raison Christmas should be a time of joy, excitement and love.  All too often it ends up being a time of anxiety, stress and strained relationships.  Put your Reiki skills to good use this Christmas to ensure you and your loved ones have an amazing, relaxing, restorative holiday.   Reiki Your Day Make Continue reading »