Online Reiki Share

You must have been attuned to Reiki to at least level I to attend a Share.

I run several Reiki Shares by video call each week.  These are perfect for practising your Reiki in a safe space if you cannot attend Shares in person, and also a source of Reiki healing for yourself or loved ones.

Each Share will start with some brief introductions and a short guided meditation or Reiki technique.  Then we will move into the Share, which I will guide you through.

We will take it in turns to receive Reiki.  I urge you to receive your own treatment, but if you would like to direct your healing time to someone else you are free to do so.  The final healing will be sent to the planet.

You are welcome to join the Shares regularly or now and again.  Be aware that if you attend more than 1 Reiki Share a week it is likely that the guided meditation or Reiki technique will be the same.

Online Reiki Shares are free to attend during the Coronavirus lockdown.  However there is  £1 booking fee, which I will donate to charity.  If this would stop you attending, please email the date you would like to attend and I will do the booking for you.