Plant Consciousness

Duration – 1 Day       10am – 5pm     Course size – up to 6 persons       Minimum age – 14

Course tutor – Fiona Rankin


Plant consciousness


You will learn how to connect to plant consciousness which will enable you to receive and exchange emotions such as joy and reverence. You will learn how to ask and receive the wisdom of the plant kingdom.

The course is a mixture of theoretical teaching and hands-on practice. The main aim is to give you awareness and tools to use alongside your Reiki skills to develop your relationship with plants that call to you and who are your allies.

Anyone can learn these skills and you may find that you already have an ability, having been curious about this course. We will talk about different techniques and awarenesses which you can then practice in the natural surroundings of your home and neighborhood.

There is a small amount of pre-reading before the course, 6 – 7 hours of teaching on the day, and 3 group follow-up calls following the course.

You need to have Reiki to at least level I to attend this class.

£150 per person                       


  • How and when to practice plant Reiki
  • Learn how to connect to plant consciousness through the use of Reiki techniques
  • Identify your plant allies
  • The roles of gratitude and ritual in connecting to your plant allies
  • Grow your relationship with your plant allies
  • Learn how to develop your awareness of non verbal language


  • Plant Reiki Blessing Placement
  • Identify the most potent plant for you
  • Practice 3 methods to connect to plant consciousness

The course fee includes a course manual and a certificate.

Fiona Rankin