Reiki Master

  • The requirements for the Reiki Master training is completion of Reiki I and Reiki II training.
  • Students should have at least one year’s experience as Reiki healers and must provide three case studies.
  • The course will take place over a two-day residential weekend.
  • There are a maximum of six students per class.
  • The Reiki School offers regular Masters sharing circles.
  • Students receive a detailed Manual and Certificate.

Before Reiki Master / Teacher

Requirements before progressing to Reiki Master/Teacher:

The decision to become a Reiki Master Teacher is a serious one and students who would like to take this path are advised to complete the professional track in addition to their core training. The Reiki School endeavours to train competent, confident and knowledgeable Reiki Master/Teachers. In order to become a teacher, the student should become an apprentice with Sensei Jacqueline Raison for one year after taking his/her Master Training. The apprenticeship includes:

Assistance on Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Masters course
Leading at least one Reiki sharing session
Supervised treatments

After successfully completing the Master apprenticeship the Master will be presented with the Reiki Master-Teacher certificate.