Victoria Banning

Reiki Master Teacher Victoria Banning


Vicky is a graduate of The Reiki School, 11th in direct lineage to Sensei Mikao Usui.  Mother of 3, (perhaps 6 if you include the dog and 2 Shetland Ponies!) Vicky, having worked as a software developer and latterly as a massage therapist, found her calling when she discovered Reiki.  She was often told that she would be a good teacher, but she knew that first she needed to find something that she was passionate enough to teach.


After learning Reiki Vicky quickly experienced phenomenal physical self-healing leaving behind attacks of stress and anxiety, and migraines that could persist for 3 days at a time.  She has also used Reiki to bring healing to her children and her dog.  Following these successes Vicky decided to let Reiki into her life completely.  She never goes a single day without using Reiki, and she has experienced amazing transformations as a result, including a wonderful new house (which allowed them to add the 2 Shetlands to the existing puppy, rabbit and guinea pigs), transformed personal relationships and a new career.


Vicky is so passionate about Reiki that her strongest desire is to pass Reiki on to others so that they can experience what a wonderful live-changing gift it can be.

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