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Victoria Banning

Vicky is a graduate of The Reiki School, 11th in direct lineage to Sensei Mikao Usui and an Anxiety coach.  Mother of 3, (perhaps 6 if you include the dog and 2 Shetland Ponies!) Vicky, having worked as a software developer and latterly as a massage therapist, found her calling when she discovered Reiki.  She was often told that she would be a good teacher, but she knew that first she needed to find something that she was passionate enough to teach.


After learning Reiki Vicky quickly experienced phenomenal physical self-healing leaving behind attacks of stress and anxiety, and migraines that could persist for 3 days at a time.  She has also used Reiki to bring healing to her children and her dog.  Following these successes Vicky decided to let Reiki into her life completely.  She never goes a single day without using Reiki, and she has experienced amazing transformations as a result, including a wonderful new house (which allowed them to add 2 Shetlands Ponies), transformed personal relationships, new career, new car and more.


Vicky is so passionate about Reiki that her strongest desire is to pass Reiki on to others so that they can experience what a wonderful live-changing gift it can be.

Vicky teaches all levels of Reiki including Animal Reiki. She also runs manifestation and anxiety workshops, you don’t need to be attuned to Reiki to attend the workshops!


“I love to teach Reiki because it goes beyond just hands-on healing and empowers individuals to change the way they think and approach their daily lives. By incorporating Reiki principles and practices into their routine, individuals can learn to manage their anxiety and promote a sense of inner peace and well-being. Through teaching Reiki, I am able to share this transformative practice with others and empower them to take control of their own healing journey”.

My quote: “Today is a gift, unwrap it with presence. The magic of life is not in the past or future, but in the art of living each moment.”


TESTIMONIALS – Here are just a few from our inbox! 

“I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for changing my life!

After the Reiki I class I have continued to do my daily healing and it has made such a difference to me. My anxiety has reduced to nearly nothing and I am able to cope so much better with day to day stress.”

“I am so proud of myself and want to thank you Vicky for setting me back on my life path that was intended for me”

“Thank you for Vicky for helping me cope with my Anxiety, for the first time since I can remember I have been able to enjoy my days without having to overthink all of the time, I am so grateful for all of your help”

“Vicky you are the best! Thank you for changing my life”

“Vicky is absolutely marvellous, she has helped with her powerful energy”

“My life has truly changed for the better since doing my Reiki I”

“I am so grateful to you Vicky, thank you, thank you, thank you”

“My anxiety is so much better, who would of thought making small changes would be so life changing! thank you”

“Thank you for an amazing day on Saturday, looking back it was so multi-layered from an experience perspective, the layers are still unfolding 4 days post-training”

“Thank you for your time and training, absolutely amazing. Really enjoyed it. Fun, safe, comfortable and rewarding. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. You are very good at what you do!”

“I really love what’s happening with Reiki.., it’s taken me a long time and major life changes but I’ve finally taken that step and I’m so glad I did take it with you, you are such an inspiration and a very lovely, warm soul with masses of enthusiasm which seems to rub off on us all !”

“I’ve never slept so well as I have since I took this course, it’s really life changing. Thanks so much, you are amazing”

“Thank you for 2 wonderful days of reiki teaching, sharing and healing. They really brought a whole new dimension into my life”

“Thanks so much for your support, so life changing for me ❤️”

“I have so many good memories from that day. I wasn’t expecting such a powerful attunement, it was and still is a life changing feeling for me. I feel fantastic. Very grateful, thank you”.

“Thank you for the amazing experience!”

“I just want to THANK YOU !! I really do feel a difference overall . I just did self Reiki and tried with food . All Amazing experience”.

“Just want to tell you how AMAZING I am feeling, I am so positive about everything, I am so grateful for everything I have in my life and that I choose this path of REIKI”.

“Thanks so much for yesterday Vicky, it really was an amazing day. I loved every minute of it and everything about it. Thanks again for everything, and for providing such a sacred space, it really was a beautiful experience”


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