Face to Face Share

You must have been attuned to Reiki to at least level I to attend a Share.

In person (face to face) shares are run from Maidenhatch, near Pangbourne RG88HP by either or both Jacq and Vicky

The share will last around 90 minutes and usually starts at 7.30pm

Shares are a great way of meeting likeminded people whilst receiving and giving Reiki but also to practice Reiki so don’t worry if you haven’t been able to give Reiki for a long time, we will talk you through everything.

We will start with some brief introductions and a short, guided meditation or Reiki technique and a Reiji Blessing.  Then we will move into the Share. Each person will take it in turns to lay down on the couch while the other Reiki practitioners give healing. Some people find group healings to be more powerful and beneficial as the energy can be very strong.

Everyone will take it in turns to give and receive Reiki.

You are welcome to join the Shares regularly or now and again.

In person shares are £10 each person, this includes refreshments

You do not need to bring anything, but I would suggest you wear something comfortable

You will always have the minimum of 3 people giving you healing. The share will not run if less than 3 people so your booking will be refunded or transferred over to the next one.

£10 per person