Animal Reiki

Certified Course

You must already have (human) Reiki I & II (any school) to attend this course.


Duration – 1 Day    10am – 4pm       Course size – up to 6 persons      Minimum age – 14

Animals have been our friends and companions since the beginning of time. They provide us with food, clothing, protection, companionship and love, to name just a few of the services given to us without any conditions attached. We have not always re-paid their assistance with kindness and many species are now leaving the planet.

Reiki gives us a wonderful opportunity to open the doors for humanity to feel and share its compassion for the animal kingdom. ‘Just for today I will show kindness to all living things’ says one of the Reiki Principles.

This workshop is geared towards exploring practical ways in which Reiki can be used in the healing of animals and the planet.  All students will receive a Certificate of Competence on successful completion of the course, and together with a Reiki II or Okuden certificate which should enable a student to gain insurance to work as an Animal Reiki practitioner.

reiki_for_animals_Horse-healing                                  Animal Reiki 2013 004

£150 per person   

Pre-requisite:   Reiki Level I & II (any school)


Course Content:

  • The human-animal relationship
  • Hieratic and holistic models of the world
  • The human energy field
  • The influence of animals on our aura
  • How animals teach us spirituality
  • The animals’ energy field
  • Energy Medicine
  • Forms of energy healing
  • Legislation
  • Giving an animal a Reiki treatment
  • Rapport
  • Scanning
  • Hands-on treatment
  • Reactions
  • Distant healing
  • ‘Pests’
  • Practical work on various animals