Usui Reiki Master Teacher


Reiki Master Teacher

Duration – 3 months correspondence plus 2 Day workshop     Course Size – up to 8 persons

You may choose to progress from Reiki II to Reiki Master Teacher level (and you may also take the Reiki Master Practitioner level first, but this is not a requirement).

You will learn to use the Usui and Tibetan master symbols to strengthen your own Reiki and also to enable you to pass Reiki attunements to students.  The course is a mixture of theoretical teaching and hands-on practice, and will contain substantial revision of Reiki I and II from the teachers perspective .

There will be a test on the final afternoon, following successful completion of which you will gain your Reiki Master Teacher certificate.  Once you have your certificate and  have 1 years experience of healing with Reiki (which can be acquired either before or after the Reiki Master Teacher course) you will be qualified to teach Reiki levels I, II and Masters.

You must complete Reiki II, and submit 3 case studies before taking this course.

£750 per person (plus accommodation/meals etc)




  • History of Reiki Mastership
  • The Roles and Responsibilities of a Reiki Master
  • Master Symbols
  • Theory of Attunements
  • Attunement sensations
  • Revision of the major teachings of Reiki I and II


  • Meditations
  • Attunements
  • Microcosmic Orbit
  • Ki exercises
  • Hu-Yin
  • Passing Attunements


Pre-requisites and following course requirements