Sensei Jacqueline Raison

Jacqueline Raison has been a keen student and practitioner of complementary therapies for over 20 years.  After initially practising Homeopathy, Herbalism and working with the Silva method, she discovered Reiki in 2014 and became fascinated by its power in both healing and personal development.

She went to Kyoto, Japan with the award-winning Reiki School in 2018, completing her Master/Teacher certificate in Dr. Usui’s homeland.

As well as the Usui Reiki system Jacqueline has learned Karuna Reiki, dowsing, Animal Reiki and has an in-depth knowledge of the Chakra system.

Before running The Reiki School full time, Jacqueline worked in the corporate world as Director of Legal Services, and also coaching and mentoring particularly on leadership, communication skills and emotional intelligence.  She has first-hand experience of trying to juggle a busy office-based role with bringing up children and a constant yearning for personal/spiritual growth.

Jacqueline has recently left her thriving Reiki practice in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside to  teach Reiki in Japan.  Although she occasionally still teaches in the UK, she now lives in Japan, teaching all levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki over a week-long “retreats” in Sensei Usui’s homeland.


“Thank you for helping me to bring the magic back to my life ?.”   August 2021

“I was dubious at first but feel that I have gained so much and can’t wait to practice!”

“The class was instructive, well paced, relaxed and leaving me with confidence and incentive to use it and develop my skills”

“Enlightening and powerful”

“Very friendly atmosphere – easy to ask questions which were always answered openly and honestly”

“One of the most fulfilling days I’ve ever spent”

“Very moving. The big WOW! factor”

“Mind-blowing, powerful stuff”

“Opened a new world-extremely enriching and rewarding”

“A supercharged day! ”


Jacqueline Raison Book Author of Reiki from Beginner to Practitioner